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The 10th Kingdom RPG
Woods--2nd Kingdom--Bonnie Peep--Maddie Peep--Open 
28th-May-2007 09:43 pm
Native Spirit
Bonnie frowned as she pulled another tangled mass of twigs from her hair. She had to admit that Maddie's suggestion of a cloak had been well founded. It hadn't ceased raining since they'd set out for the 2nd Kingdom on foot a few days ago.
Wrede was secured a room in the 4th Kingdom at a small, not well known inn. The elder Peep had made sure to pay the Innkeeper most of their pocket money to keep the Wolfboy locked in his room three days out of the month, if they didn't make it back in time. And to feed him twice a day, but not to have any of the servants stay up with him. He'd warily agreed. It wasn't ideal but it would have to do.
Shoving another wet branch out of her face, Bonnie squinted at her sister's hazed outline. "Maddie, are you sure this is where we're supposed to go to find the cure?"
29th-May-2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
The eldest Peep had been a bit ahead of her sister, leading the way through semi-familiar territory. Although she had not tread back to the second kingdom in the longest time she still had a foggy memory in the back of her mind how to make it to the town she knew she needed to find. She had visited there once or twice, back when she'd worked in the second kingdom as a stable maid. Ville de Veneur, or Villiage of the Hunter, renamed from a former name long forgotten to idolise the 'Heroic Huntsman' who had saved Little Red Riding Hood a couple hundred years ago from a 'Big Bad Wolf'. Hence why Wrede was not coming along. Well, that and he could barely move.

"I'm sure!" Maddie answered back, pausing to allow her sister enough time to catch up with her. "It is the only place you'll ever find a cure for that damned poison. Its where that damned stuff was created!"

Wrede had eaten something tainted with a poison, the food he still had yet to say what it was. However what was inside Maddie could already tell, having seen its effects. It was called Faire Piquer, an immobilizer. Although it was not lethal itself it stopped any animal (or human) dead in their tracks, allowing anyone to literally come along and do whatever they pleased to the victim, in most cases being death or worse. Hours after consumption the user could move slowly however full motion would not return until an antidote was used. An antidote which would only be found in the second kingdom. Which was still a ways off.

((Sorry about making assumptions about Wrede, if it doesn't wash Hailer let me know, I'll edit. )
31st-May-2007 09:12 am (UTC)
((No prob on the assumptions. You filled in the gaps for me!))

Bonnie shivered in the cold. "We'd better be getting there soon," she muttered unhappily. "This rain isn't going to let up and it's getting darker by the minute."
It wasn't that she didn't love Wrede. She wanted to save his life. It was just that she'd rather be sitting by a fire, eating some warm broth than out in this maelstrom. She couldn't see more than a few feet ahead of herself, the rain was falling in sheets. The mud that they had been squelching through all day long was now making friends with her socks and she was starting to lose feeling in her feet.
"Maddie, is there a chance we'll find shelter any time SOON?" She was getting whiney and she didn't mean to be that way but she was tired, and wet, and cold, and at this point she'd be willing to trade her honey colored locks for a warm place to sleep.
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