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The 10th Kingdom RPG
Virginia--Apartment--NYC--10th Kingdom--Wolf--Open 
24th-May-2007 05:48 pm
Virginia rolled over in bed. She grabbed the pillow and tugged it over her head but it was no use. She could still clearly hear the puppy's cries. Sitting up she blew a puff of air at the lock of hair that had fallen in her face.
"Alright, alright, I'm coming." She stood up and padded over to where the bassinet sat, looking rather lonely in the corner of the bedroom. Reaching down she lifted the squirming bundle of blankets and frowned at the dark-eyed ball of fur that gazed back at her, wimpering.
"I don't know what to //do// with you!" She tried rocking the puppy, cradling it near her shoulder. "I don't know whether to--to--feed you kibble or give you milk! I don't even know if you understand me!"
The wriggling mass snuggled up to her. A pink tongue darted out and moistened her ear.
"Ew, stop that." Virginia dabbed at the earlobe with the end of the burp cloth. "You're going right back to bed!" She placed the puppy firmly back in the bassinet and began to back away. "Stay...stay...good baby...er...puppy...child..."
Sitting on the end of her own bed, Virginia buried her face in her hands and began to cry. She'd dreamed of the moment so often, holding a little child in her arms. At first she'd not taken well to the idea but over the past few months it had grown on her. Shocked when she went into early labor, the offspring had come so quickly into the world that they'd not made it out of the apartment building--and a good thing too! For what she got was not at all what she's expected. Instead of a bundle of soft pink skin with perhaps furry ears and a tail she got a writhing, sticky haired monster.
Virginia had promptly feinted upon seeing her new cub. When she woke up, Wolf had put her back in bed and changed the linens and her nightdress. Assuming that she'd been dreaming, she reached over into the bassinet, exclaiming surprise when her hand touched something soft and grainy. "I didn't know we got the baby a fuzzy blanket!" and then she recoiled in horror as her eyes fell on the puppy.
"Wolf! This isn't funny!" She'd snapped. "I don't know where you got this mutt but it doesn't belong in the baby's bed." Virginia had placed the puppy on the floor and began scouring the room for her missing child.
It had taken a good three hours for him to convince her of the truth.
Her nerves were on end. She didn't know how to care for this--creature. It wasn't as dull as an ordinary dog nor was it shaped like a human being. How was she supposed to take //that// out in public?
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