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The 10th Kingdom RPG
Character Application: Bonnie Marie Peep 
1st-May-2007 03:33 am
Created Character Application
Character Name: Bonnie Marie Peep
LJ: Callothewild/hailerro
Messenger: N/A
RPG name: HailerStar
Character Description: Bonnie is Maddie's younger sister, and the youngest of the Peep clan. She stands 5 foot 6 inches tall and unlike Maddie has long, straight as a pin, dark hair. She is naiive to the ways of the world and is not very well traveled. She's witnessed the fall of her family in the eyes of Little Lamb Village and suffered the brunt of the consequences for her family's greed regarding the Wishing Well. Until Maddie's recent return to the village, Bonnie worked at the local Inn as a waitress, double as the barkeep and maid when her mother was too busy cooking the meals to tend to the guests.
Character Pesonality: Bonnie is more reserved where her sister is fairly outspoken. While Maddie is wise in 'street smarts' Bonnie holds the reigns when it comes to romance and understanding the opposite sex. She's shy compared to her big sis and genuinely helpful when she needs to be. She's still used to a life of servitude but is slowly emerging into her own personality.
Writing Sample:
Bonnie smiled demurely at the boy behind the market stall. He wasn't much older than herself, but his drawl and the set of his cap made him quite an interesting prospect. Too bad she'd not really have time to see if the interest was reciprocated.
The boy handed her the long green cloak with the dragon clasp and counted out the coins she'd given him. With a firm nod of his head, he placed the money in his beltpouch for safe keeping and waved over the next customer in line.
The young shepardess silently wished she wasn't so plain looking. Her sisters had all been born with curls and that helped them to stand out, whereas she gained her father's thick straight-as-a-stick hair. Some things just were not fair.
Shrugging her way into the cloak she did a short twirl and watched it billow around her calves. The material was thick and heavy and Bonnie wondered why Maddie had insisted on her buying such a useless-yet beautiful-garment when the weather was supposed to be sunny and warm for a good three months or more.
Looking down at her worn boots she headed up the path towards the Inn. Perhaps at the next stop they'd find some work and she could afford a new pair.
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12th-May-2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
I'll go for writing Wrede, Bonnie Peep, and Virginia for now. I recognize that you don't know me, so you don't know the kind of writer I am. (I once successfully ran about fifteen characters on an RPG forum...but I'm cool with starting with three and letting you form your own opinion of me).
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