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The 10th Kingdom RPG
Application - Madeline Peep 
17th-Apr-2007 02:00 pm

Application for Canon or Original Character:

Role play name  Mags
YIM/MSN/AIM    AIM:  doubleohmags
Link to your LJ    fairytaleupdate     sorry, can't link, I'm kinda bad at that sort of thing...

Character Name   Madeline (Maddie) Peep

Character's physical description      Maddie stands about 5'6" with an athletic build, that of someone who has worked a bit in her life, her most notable features in this department being her legs which are well toned from all the traveling that she's been doing.  Beyond that her features are much like the rest of the Peep clan; light skin, nice figure.  Her hair is dark and her dress usually darker than a normal member of the Peep clan, her primary clothing shade being red plaid. 

Character's personality   Jaded, independant and strong.  Maddie Peep was born the oldest sister over Sally Peep so she has been raised as a shepherdess however she refuses to embrace the Peep mentality of open flirtation, female submission and, to a lesser degree, stealing and cheating.  Since she was a child Maddie has always been a little different than the rest of her sisters, cousins and other members of the large Peep family.  Because of this she was considered a 'black sheep' and since Sally was old enough to smile sort of left to her own devices.  She learned to use her crook as a weapon, to protect herself and, since she was hardly thought of, to sneak around the farm, allowing her to discover the wishing well stolen from the town by her grandfather Wilford Peep. 

The turning point was, of course, her 18th birthday, the day that she knew ALL Peeps were told about the well.  However her birthday came and went and no one told her a thing.  Shortly after she made a few private wishes and made for the horizon with a horse, a sachel of gold, a bolt of cloth and a few other items and never looked back.

A 100 minimum word sample post (Must be in third person)

Maddie Peep was quite an odd one. After being on the road for
approximately a year and a half now, one
would think that Maddie would have been happy living a small cozy
life as a blacksmith's apprentice somewhere in the first kingdom.
However, much like the last 8 job positions she had held, Maddie was
easily bored as well as aggrivated by the stuck up persons in the
First Kingdom, and so she had taken off yet again, driving only god
knew where (she'd stupidly left her road maps behind in the
blacksmith's house) reading on the driver's seat as the horse pulled
on calmly, the reins sitting in her lap, whistling to herself a tune
she'd learned back in the fourth kingdom from her apprenticeship to a
Bard (if such a position ever existed) without a care in the world.
She didn't lack food to eat, or water to drink, the horse was well
trained... life was pretty good for Maddie. Even if it was

"Boring as all hades..." Maddie muttered to herself as she turned the
page with a sigh.

(Deleted comment)
19th-Apr-2007 02:33 am (UTC)
Thanks for accepting me and for accepting Maddie. Believe it or not she's been with me for a while... since another 10K RPG from about 4 years ago.
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