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Welcome to the 10th Kingdom RPG
Welcome to this 10th Kingdom community; while this will primarily be a RPG, posts concerning the show will be shown and you should also feel free to post your icons and other fandom articles here. This is a friendly community, with a friendly admin -- so as long as you play nice, so will I!

To apply; fill in the application (which can be found on the left hand side of this community) and post a new topic with the title "Application for " and wait for it to be accepted! All applications MUST be accepted before someone can enter a RPG-related post Applications will be accepted or denied ASAP.


1. No bad language.
2. Every post has to concern the fandom of the 10th Kingdom.
3. This isn't an official site, and I don't seek to claim any of its characters.
27th-Jun-2010 04:54 pm - Some fanart
Тиэль-как форум
Good day, 10Th Kingdom grope! I love this great film and decided to be in this grope too)
I love RPGs to, but, as I see, it is not moving now. So, I want to shaw some drawings with my favorite characters)Hope, You are not against f them ^^

Native Spirit
Bonnie frowned as she pulled another tangled mass of twigs from her hair. She had to admit that Maddie's suggestion of a cloak had been well founded. It hadn't ceased raining since they'd set out for the 2nd Kingdom on foot a few days ago.
Wrede was secured a room in the 4th Kingdom at a small, not well known inn. The elder Peep had made sure to pay the Innkeeper most of their pocket money to keep the Wolfboy locked in his room three days out of the month, if they didn't make it back in time. And to feed him twice a day, but not to have any of the servants stay up with him. He'd warily agreed. It wasn't ideal but it would have to do.
Shoving another wet branch out of her face, Bonnie squinted at her sister's hazed outline. "Maddie, are you sure this is where we're supposed to go to find the cure?"
Virginia rolled over in bed. She grabbed the pillow and tugged it over her head but it was no use. She could still clearly hear the puppy's cries. Sitting up she blew a puff of air at the lock of hair that had fallen in her face.
"Alright, alright, I'm coming." She stood up and padded over to where the bassinet sat, looking rather lonely in the corner of the bedroom. Reaching down she lifted the squirming bundle of blankets and frowned at the dark-eyed ball of fur that gazed back at her, wimpering.
"I don't know what to //do// with you!" She tried rocking the puppy, cradling it near her shoulder. "I don't know whether to--to--feed you kibble or give you milk! I don't even know if you understand me!"
The wriggling mass snuggled up to her. A pink tongue darted out and moistened her ear.
"Ew, stop that." Virginia dabbed at the earlobe with the end of the burp cloth. "You're going right back to bed!" She placed the puppy firmly back in the bassinet and began to back away. "Stay...stay...good baby...er...puppy...child..."
Sitting on the end of her own bed, Virginia buried her face in her hands and began to cry. She'd dreamed of the moment so often, holding a little child in her arms. At first she'd not taken well to the idea but over the past few months it had grown on her. Shocked when she went into early labor, the offspring had come so quickly into the world that they'd not made it out of the apartment building--and a good thing too! For what she got was not at all what she's expected. Instead of a bundle of soft pink skin with perhaps furry ears and a tail she got a writhing, sticky haired monster.
Virginia had promptly feinted upon seeing her new cub. When she woke up, Wolf had put her back in bed and changed the linens and her nightdress. Assuming that she'd been dreaming, she reached over into the bassinet, exclaiming surprise when her hand touched something soft and grainy. "I didn't know we got the baby a fuzzy blanket!" and then she recoiled in horror as her eyes fell on the puppy.
"Wolf! This isn't funny!" She'd snapped. "I don't know where you got this mutt but it doesn't belong in the baby's bed." Virginia had placed the puppy on the floor and began scouring the room for her missing child.
It had taken a good three hours for him to convince her of the truth.
Her nerves were on end. She didn't know how to care for this--creature. It wasn't as dull as an ordinary dog nor was it shaped like a human being. How was she supposed to take //that// out in public?
12th-May-2007 11:27 am - Questions! Questions!
1. When will the RPing begin?
2. What time frame is this set in? Is it during the series or after the series? How long after? Are Virginia and Wolf still together?
Created Character Application
Character Name: Bonnie Marie Peep
LJ: Callothewild/hailerro
Messenger: N/A
RPG name: HailerStar
Character Description: Bonnie is Maddie's younger sister, and the youngest of the Peep clan. She stands 5 foot 6 inches tall and unlike Maddie has long, straight as a pin, dark hair. She is naiive to the ways of the world and is not very well traveled. She's witnessed the fall of her family in the eyes of Little Lamb Village and suffered the brunt of the consequences for her family's greed regarding the Wishing Well. Until Maddie's recent return to the village, Bonnie worked at the local Inn as a waitress, double as the barkeep and maid when her mother was too busy cooking the meals to tend to the guests.
Character Pesonality: Bonnie is more reserved where her sister is fairly outspoken. While Maddie is wise in 'street smarts' Bonnie holds the reigns when it comes to romance and understanding the opposite sex. She's shy compared to her big sis and genuinely helpful when she needs to be. She's still used to a life of servitude but is slowly emerging into her own personality.
Writing Sample:
Bonnie smiled demurely at the boy behind the market stall. He wasn't much older than herself, but his drawl and the set of his cap made him quite an interesting prospect. Too bad she'd not really have time to see if the interest was reciprocated.
The boy handed her the long green cloak with the dragon clasp and counted out the coins she'd given him. With a firm nod of his head, he placed the money in his beltpouch for safe keeping and waved over the next customer in line.
The young shepardess silently wished she wasn't so plain looking. Her sisters had all been born with curls and that helped them to stand out, whereas she gained her father's thick straight-as-a-stick hair. Some things just were not fair.
Shrugging her way into the cloak she did a short twirl and watched it billow around her calves. The material was thick and heavy and Bonnie wondered why Maddie had insisted on her buying such a useless-yet beautiful-garment when the weather was supposed to be sunny and warm for a good three months or more.
Looking down at her worn boots she headed up the path towards the Inn. Perhaps at the next stop they'd find some work and she could afford a new pair.
1st-May-2007 02:23 am - Application For Characters-10KRPG
kiba lone wolf
Applications for Canon or Original Character:

Role play name: HailerStar
YIM/MSN/AIM AIM: Unlisted (Unless of course we become friends!^_^
Link to your LJ: hailerro

Character Name: Virginia Lewis
Character's physical description: Same as the movie. Virginia's got short brown hair, is of average height, and has a dazzling smile! Character's personality: Virginia is very straight forward about most things. She's got a warm and caring heart but she doesn't open it up easily to people she's only just met. She's an adventurous spirit who is cultivating a sense of introspection and gratitude for what the Kingdoms (and her newfound love) have to offer.
Writing Sample: Virginia unconsciously rubbed her hand over her belly for the fortieth time that night. A soft smile caressed her lips. She couldn't believe that she was finally back home in New York City. And she was still coming to grips with the fact that she was pregnant and that her adventures in the Nine Kingdoms had indeed been real.
Her slender fingers reached for the clock by the sofa. 11:47 p.m. Where the Hell was Wolf?
Since returning to New York, they'd set up house in her father's old apartment complex. Virginia had taken over her father's duties as the building Super (since he wouldn't be needing it anymore) and she had also managed to get Wolf hired on at the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. Their goal was to save up enough money to open their own restaurant in a few years.
However, that's not quite what happened. When you're making plans and shaping dreams the universe often has a different idea...

Character Name: Shadowdancer ("Dani" for short)
Character's physical description: Dani is about five foot four. She has long blond hair and light green eyes. She's the last of a species called the Feydrens. They harbor magical power but it's not something they can tap into. They live in wooded areas and their one unique trait is that they become invisible in darkness--all accept the eyes if they are open. (This creates quite an interesting picture when the Feydren is standing under a tree with dappled rays of sunlight drifting through the branches because only parts of them show up!)
Character's personality: Dani is a very shy creature. She's the last of her kind and very lonely. She possesses a caring nature but her fears often override her wish to help those in need.

Character Name: Snowlock
Character's physical description: Standing at five foot eight inches, Snowlock is a touch short for an elf but not grotesquely so. She's got deep brown hair, with a white lock of it that stands out prominently. Being half elven she has slightly pointed ears and is possessed of an innate sense of grace when she moves.
Character's personality and history: Snowlock is a strong willed individual. She's not afraid of expressing her own beliefs. Born to Queen LeafFall (sired of a human sorcerer named Simeon), she was being trained in the day to day affairs of the Kingdom, as a possible successor to her mother. This was all changed when her mother fell ill. Snowlock journeyed to find Simeon and gather the ingredients needed to heal the Queen. The final ingrediant was elf blood. Blood that had a link to her mother's but was not diluted in any form. She ended up taking it by force from her half-sister (full blooded elf) Ariane. Due to Elven law she was forced to give up any rights to the throne and banished from residing or crossing into the borders of the Elven Kingdom. It was enough for her that her mother was alive and well. She left with her father and set about learning how to use the shapeshifting magic he had passed on to her. In time she met and fell in love with a man named John. Being human, she outlived him and her heart has been hollow ever since his passing. Still, she has friends in the Nine Kingdoms and continues to wander aimlessly, offering aid where she can.

Character Name: Anglacia
Character's physical description: Tall, thin, pale white skin, black hair, dark brooding eyes. Usually wears white. Is the hard hearted ruler of the Ice Kingdom (northernmost part of the Kingdoms).
Character's personality: As expected, she's cold. She doesn't deal sympathetically with fools. She demands unquestioning obedience. If there is a heart buried under her pale exterior no one knows of its existance. She conscripts whomever she desires into her service at the time she needs them. Her promises are great but her rewards are few. She possesses power but only uses it in selfish pursuits.

Character Name: Dreg
Character's physical description: Dreg is covered in dark tan skin. He looks almost like a Gargoyle. He has thick leathery wings upon his back and a long tail. His feral smile reveals sharply pointed teeth and his yellow eyes make him a horrible sight in the dark.
Character's personality and history: Dreg is bitter. Ever since he was placed under a curse (because of his brother Blaine's stupid arrogance) he's been ceaselessly searching for a way to be changed back into his natural form. He harbors a great deal of hatred towards his brother, who despite his occasional change into a dragon, retains his humanity and can walk fearless among his fellow man. Dreg is determined to do whatever it takes, regardless of who gets in the way, to regain the promise of the life he previously led.

Character Name: Blaine
Character's physical description: Tall, thick red hair, usually worn pulled back as it hangs down to his shoulders. Wears rich fabrics and dresses like nobility.
Character's personality and History: Blaine has a very short temper. It often gets the better of him and gets him into quite alot of trouble. It's actually what lead to the curse that he now bears. As part of his punishment he turns into a hideous dragon when he becomes enraged (which happens easily) and as a result is often on the run from being hunted for his scales and suspected horde of gold.

Character Name: Fritz
Character's physical description: He's a dark haired mutt, easily described as a mop with eyeballs. He's brownish grey in coloring with chocolate eyes. His small size makes him easily portable for whomever he's traveling with at the time.
Character's personality: Fritz is a dog, so he contains the traits of loyalty, friendliness, and being eager to please. His size tends to him being a bit skittish around anything larger than himself, including most humans. He is possessed of the quality of human speech.
28th-Apr-2007 07:35 pm - Application-Wrede
Application for Canon or Original Character:
Role play name: HailerStar
YIM/MSN/AIM: Don't give that out. Sorries. ^_^;
Character LJ: callothewild
Character Name: Wrede
Character's physical description: Wrede is best characterized as a younger version of Wolf from the 10K. He's got a thinner build, is slightly taller, with the same thick black hair. He's in his late teens, early 20's. Wears a black vest over a purple shirt with grey pants. Has very striking eyes.
Character's personality: Wrede is a friendly sort, if a little reserved. He's always a bit guarded when meeting new people due to growing up in Riding Hood's Kingdom where all wolves were outlaws. Because of his turbulent childhood he keeps the fact that he's part wolf under wraps around most people. He's not ashamed of his lupin side but he knows better than to flaunt it. When someone he loves is threatened he goes into Feral mode and will do anything within his power to protect them. He's very loyal (even if he does let himself get lead around by the stomach from time to time!)
Writing Sample:
Wrede huddled under the pine tree, shivering as the wetness of the rain soaked into his skin. His poor tail was already water-logged. He sneezed and looked out at the grey curtain in misery.
They'd been traveling for three days straight. Ruby had absolutely refused to stop and Wrede had to admit that he didn't really have the stamina to keep up with her, but he was doing his best.
The young wolf-boy's mind wandered away from the chill before him and back to his last moments with Maddie. He hated himself for pushing her away, more than the traditional loathing crafted from years of growing up in a Wolf-hating kingdom. He hadn't even allowed himself a last glimpse of her face. The pain in her eyes would have haunted him. As it was the heartache he'd caused her was still gnawing at him inside, making his skin itch, his eyes burn, and his bones ache.
A rustle caught his attention. Ruby appeared at his side. She was taller than he, all dark hair and brooding eyes. Those eyes took him in warily, slowly dimming from the sparkle and thrill of the chase. She handed him two rabbit haunches, a pleased smile playing around her lips.
"Eat up, my lover. We'll need to be off, soon as the rain clears."
As Wrede gnawed on the rabbit meat, his unchosen mate curled up next to him, wrapping her arms around him and contentedly passed into a hazey slumber.
18th-Apr-2007 10:35 pm(no subject)
While I'm here allow me to give you this link...


This is, by far, the best 10K website that I've seen so far.  It makes me happy just looking at it!  


This is an excellent place for 10K reference, believe it or not.  I <heart> Wikipedia.   

17th-Apr-2007 02:00 pm - Application - Madeline Peep

Application for Canon or Original Character:

Role play name  Mags
YIM/MSN/AIM    AIM:  doubleohmags
Link to your LJ    fairytaleupdate     sorry, can't link, I'm kinda bad at that sort of thing...

Character Name   Madeline (Maddie) Peep

Character's physical description      Maddie stands about 5'6" with an athletic build, that of someone who has worked a bit in her life, her most notable features in this department being her legs which are well toned from all the traveling that she's been doing.  Beyond that her features are much like the rest of the Peep clan; light skin, nice figure.  Her hair is dark and her dress usually darker than a normal member of the Peep clan, her primary clothing shade being red plaid. 

Character's personality   Jaded, independant and strong.  Maddie Peep was born the oldest sister over Sally Peep so she has been raised as a shepherdess however she refuses to embrace the Peep mentality of open flirtation, female submission and, to a lesser degree, stealing and cheating.  Since she was a child Maddie has always been a little different than the rest of her sisters, cousins and other members of the large Peep family.  Because of this she was considered a 'black sheep' and since Sally was old enough to smile sort of left to her own devices.  She learned to use her crook as a weapon, to protect herself and, since she was hardly thought of, to sneak around the farm, allowing her to discover the wishing well stolen from the town by her grandfather Wilford Peep. 

The turning point was, of course, her 18th birthday, the day that she knew ALL Peeps were told about the well.  However her birthday came and went and no one told her a thing.  Shortly after she made a few private wishes and made for the horizon with a horse, a sachel of gold, a bolt of cloth and a few other items and never looked back.

A 100 minimum word sample post (Must be in third person)

Maddie Peep was quite an odd one. After being on the road for
approximately a year and a half now, one
would think that Maddie would have been happy living a small cozy
life as a blacksmith's apprentice somewhere in the first kingdom.
However, much like the last 8 job positions she had held, Maddie was
easily bored as well as aggrivated by the stuck up persons in the
First Kingdom, and so she had taken off yet again, driving only god
knew where (she'd stupidly left her road maps behind in the
blacksmith's house) reading on the driver's seat as the horse pulled
on calmly, the reins sitting in her lap, whistling to herself a tune
she'd learned back in the fourth kingdom from her apprenticeship to a
Bard (if such a position ever existed) without a care in the world.
She didn't lack food to eat, or water to drink, the horse was well
trained... life was pretty good for Maddie. Even if it was

"Boring as all hades..." Maddie muttered to herself as she turned the
page with a sigh.

15th-Apr-2007 12:02 am - Application for Scarlett
Role play name: Mary
YIM/MSN/AIM: Childoffae
Link to your LJ: ladykerradine

Character Name: Scarlett (aka Lady Scarlett of the House of Red)
Character's physical description: At first glance, Scarlett looks a lot like your average teenage girl -- she's of average height with long, brown hair and blue eyes. However, the blue eyes are the result of an enchantment meant to hide Scarlett's real eyes -- which are amber wolf eyes -- a gift from her wolf mother. Though her eyes may be the only outward sign of Scarlett's heritage (unlike her brother's (Wolf) tail), she has many internal ones.
Character's personality: Being part wolf makes up a large part of Scarlett's personality. Though she is grateful for Red having taken her in all those years ago, there is a part of her that longs to be free. She doesn't remember much of her life before her parents were killed, but she does remember parts of it. Those parts she associates with the woods and her brother, Wolf. And those things are what she misses the most. She swears the woods call to her...the same way that the moon does. They beckon her home promising adventure and freedom.

Normally, Scarlett is rather easy to get along with. However, she does not like being forced to do things she doesn't want to do and so can become snappish with those who try. This only increases as the full moon draws near, along with her appetite. And at those times she really misses her brother.

A 100 minimum word sample post (Must be in third person): With a sigh, Scarlett forced herself to move away from the window and to start getting ready for dinner. If she didn't get a move on, she was going to be late and the last thing she needed was another lecture from Red on punctuality and the keeping of appointments.

She knew that Red only acted that way because she cared. The queen didn't have to take her in. Nor did she have to treat her as well as she does. But she did. She took Scarlett into her home and raised her as her own daughter. And for that, Scarlett was greateful. But huff puff! There were some days Scarlett wished Red had left her in the woods. At least the she would be free.

Free to be who and what she was. Half-wolf.

God she missed her brother.
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